Wednesday, 11 April 2012

lovely people

Lately I have been feeling a lot of love from this online community. It's the nicest feeling ever, being so supported and spurred on by other crafters/bloggers/tweeters/small business owners, and I cannot thank you all enough for being so bloody wonderful! Two particular things I wanted to point out in this blog post though - first up the oh so sweet Fiona from Sugar For My Honey blogged a little interview with me AND is doing a giveaway to win your two favourite items from my Etsy shop!

 Go and follow her blog (trust me, it's such a good blog, you won't regret it) and then be sure to read my interview and enter the giveaway right here. I'm unbelievably flattered that anyone would want to read my blog, let alone put me on theirs, so thank you Fiona, you pretty much made my life!

Secondly, Jo from The Striped Deckchair nominated me for a Sunshine Award. This is the first blogging award I've ever been given, so I am truly honoured - thank you Jo, you're such a doll!

 As part of the award I have to answer a few questions, and then choose five other bloggers to nominate so here goes...

* colour - I've also had a major soft spot for blues and greens, especially mint green and shades of turquoise. But I mainly wear black, white, and grey for some reason! Oh and I love the oranges and yellows and browns in 1960s/70s home decors too.

* animal - I'm such a huge dog lover as you may have already guessed! But I also have a lot of love for penguins and narwhals. Frozen Planet had me squealing and clapping a LOT.

*non-alcoholic drink - cherry coke every time. Or a really good peanut butter milkshake.

* facebook or twitter - TWITTER

*giving or getting presents - I absolutely love giving presents. I also love getting presents, although I get really uncomfortable when people watch me opening something they have given me.

* flower - you'd think that seeing as my sister works in a florist, and my parents have unnaturally green fingers, that I'd know a bit about flowers. But I don't. Basically I like all flowers, especially ones that are nice pastel colours and look really soft and fluffy.

* pattern - definitely a polka dot girl, but I have been known to opt for a stripe every now and then.

* passion - creating things in any form, whether that be crafting, photography, writing, baking, as long as I'm making something and being creative then I'm happy as a clam.

* number - I really like the number one (which is also the number house I live at) - I hate it when people say 'one is the loneliest number' though, because I think you can be with 50 other people and still feel completely lonely. But yeah, go number one!

Okay so for this blog award I'm going to nominate:
* Fiona from Sugar For My Honey
* Rhianne from For the Easily Distracted
* Siobhan from Hello Flower
* Harriet from Harriet Gray
* Emma from Emma Carlisle Illustration

All these awesome ladies bring a lot of sunshine into my life with their awesome blogs, so please do go check them out :)


  1. Aww thank you for the blog award :) Do I have to answer the questions as well? :)
    And it was so nice to feature you on my blog! Your work is absolutely lovely!

    (Oh, and definitely agreeing with the cherry coke and a huge love for dogs!)

    x x x

  2. Glad you've been feeling the love Zoe! I've just been over to SFMH and I really do like your Q&A a heck of a LOT. You work hard girl and I'm sure that your dedication will bring you rewards!

    I'm glad you liked your sunshine award, I'm so glad I passed it on to you. I've got to go and check out what a narwhal is now, I'm thinking it might be some kind of whale? And I think I must be living on an alternate universe as I've never even heard of a peanut butter milkshake! Well they do say you learn something new everyday don't they?

    Jo :)

  3. yeay, thank you love and what great company to be in too :) I hadn't seen Fiona's blog before so I'm excited to check that out.

    much love to you x


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