Sunday, 22 January 2012

my vintage book haul (part 2)

As promised, here are a few peeks into my two current favourite books, both of which I picked up for a few pennies whilst staying with my lovely friend (thanks Emma for showing me around the BEST charity shops and outdoor bookshop ever!)

The first one is 'The House of Four Seasons' by Roger Duvoisin. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, I cannot stop looking through it. One ay I hope to live in a house like this one!  (you can get a copy through amazon here though it doesn't show the cover so I'm not sure if all the copies will be the same.)

(ahhhhhh look at the pink owl!)

 Secondly is 'A Child's Book of Dogs' by Luis M Henderson. Obviously I love anything to do with dogs, and that yellow cover with doggy illustrations totally won me over. (you can get a copy through Amazon here but again there is no photo so I'm not sure it's an identical copy)

(love all the dog heads on the first page!)

 I love having stacks of pretty or interesting books around to look at - I find them so inspiring! What are your favourite books at the moment?xoxo


  1. The illustrations are beautiful. I don't have that many vintage books, just 2 or 3 but I really treasure them above the new ones I buy.

  2. So pretty... I love the house of 4 seasons. Gorgeous colours!


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