Sunday, 8 January 2012

i heart iphone photos

Oh it has been too long dear blog readers - I had such a busy December, and then my card reader broke so I haven't been able to upload any photos. But fear not, I have a new card reader, plus lots of ideas for my little blog in 2012.... including a fun giveaway coming up next week! For now though I wanted to share some of my iphone photos from the last few months - I know it's not the most exciting post ever, but I love that phone pictures tend to give a really good glimpse into people's day to day lives.... (photos clockwise from top left)

writing blog posts//walks in the park as the sun goes down//autumn leaves are my favourite//my beloved sewing machine finally gets its own home in my new craft room

 love the illustrated cover on this 1970s copy of HG Wells//gingerbread sock cookie lovingly made and decorated by Steph//beautiful clouds in London//Heather interviewing Tim Burgess at the Artrocker Awards

 Jasper taking a nap under the newest addition to my crochet blanket family//my favourite christmas card (illustrated by my bestie Emma Carlisle)//too many chocolates//3D wooden reindeer puzzle = best christmas present ever

From now on my iphone pics won't be taken with the Shake It app - I've finally taken the plunge and got an instagram account (my username is ladybirdlikes if you would like to follow me) so I will be using that to take all my photos.


  1. Hooray- looks lovely and festive! I was dubious at first but am now IN LOVE with Instagram. I've followed ya :)

    Happy snapping!

  2. I've really loved phone photos for a while now, do say a lot but I always find you do have to keep in mind that for amazing, amazing things people probably won't immediately reach for a camera - whether or not that's a shame...

    All of these photos are, like brilliant anyway

    I really want instagram but they haven't released the shitting android version yet :( in its absence I've taken to using a free to download retro camera app which is probably a little rubbish but does me just fine! It's got me suddenly a bit into photography, actually, so I suppose that can only be a good thing! Might start blogging some of the photos, been taking at least one a day and sticking it on Twitter, like a photo of the day. Will prob do a weekly round-up post or summat eh?

    Love you lots and lots

  3. Spot the accidental comma :(

  4. Jasper is too cute. Love Instagram and your photos x

  5. Great stuff. Following you right away!


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