Saturday, 7 January 2012

List 23: things I'd like to acheive in 2012

these aren't resolutions as such, just things I'm going to try and do....

1. launch my online stores
2. visit new museums (specifically the Horniman and Hunterian museums)
3. pass my driving test
4. participate in as many craft/vintage fairs as possible
5. practice my Japanese every week
6. learn a new skill just for fun (I'd love to try bookbinding or sewing)
7. establish a good online routine so that I regularly blog/update flickr/tweet/email
8. climb Monument (yes I'm mainly doing it for the certificate, I like instant rewards)
9. organise all my photos
10. be a better penpal
11. finally ride on the London Eye (never been)
12. save a little bit of money each month
13. get more photos printed to put on my wall
15. take lots of photos of wildlife at London Wetland Centre
16. make more time for family
17. take a trip on the DLR (it will be my first time ever)
18. keep my 'today i' journals ever single day for a whole year
19. visit Little Venice and ride on a canal boat along Regent's Canal
20. blog more often about the little things in life
21. experiment more with my film cameras
22. cook proper meals
23. go to the Royal Observatory
24. make something new every week
25. go away on a mini break (I'd like to go to Bristol or Bath I think)
26. start ballet classes again
27. go to more gigs
28. take out magazine subscriptions to my favourite magazines
29. drink less caffeine
30. move a few steps closer to making my dreams come true


  1. lots of things on there i'd like to do too :) good luck X

  2. great list. i always feel like making a list of things to accomplish is way more productive than making resolutions. resolutions are theoretical and lists are so much more concrete.

  3. Awww I love this, a good list always helps!!

  4. that's quite an extensive list you have there!

  5. I love your list! Hope you achieve all these & have a lot of fun doing them as well. :)


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