Saturday, 22 October 2011

the one with lots of rocks

When I visited the Natural History Museum recently I discovered the minerals room which was, quite simply, a room full of every kind of rock imaginable. I've always had a bit of a thing for geology, so I massively geeked out over finding this place, hence the blog post dedicated to it!

an index of all the minerals in their collection - love the reflections in the glass

one day I want cabinets like these in my house to store all my trinkets in

but of course the best part were the cabinets full of rock specimens - these photos don't do them justice at all, I'd highly recommend going and seeing them for yourself if you live in or are visiting London

It never fails to amaze me how beautiful (and weird) nature can be.  There were rocks in every colour and shape imaginable, ones that were perfectly smooth, ones that were jagged, ones that looked like they had bubbles coming out of them, or glitter trapped inside them. I must have spent a god hour or so staring into the cabinets with a fascination and excitement about nature and our world that I haven't really felt since fishing in rockpools by the beach as a child, and finding a jellyfish that looked exactly like an eyeball, and thinking how something like this could exist without me having seen or heard about it. 

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