Sunday, 25 September 2011

thrifted finds

 Oh it has been too long since I last posted my thrifted finds. I have still been out thrifting on a weekly basis, but just haven't had time to photograph my treasures due to working all day, and arriving home after the sun has disappeared! But, due to some changes which I will be blogging about VERY soon, I should be having more time to devote to this here blog, which I am so excited about! But for now, here are some of the items I have found recently, all of which are available right now in the Ayoka Charity Boutique, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green.

so so so in love with this doggy's sad face!

still can't get enough of anything royal, especially mugs

 such a soft spot for this french vinegar bottle with its beautiful patterned glass

 one day I want a collection of little vintage alarm clocks just like this one

 siamese cats always remind me of the evil pair in Lady and the Tramp, but this one was too cute to pass up (it's hard to tell from the photos but it's actually really tall)

 finding vintage camera stuff always makes my heart beat fast, especially anything polaroid related

you can never have too many vintage mugs, especially with beautiful 1960s prints like these


I love finding anything a bit unusual, so this box of microscope specimen slides is one of my favourite thrifted finds

when I own my own house I will have a collection of vintage glasses - I only wish I had a house of my own now so I could keep these beautiful black and gold gazelle ones...

.... and maybe these coloured floral shot glasses too!

who doesn't need a wooden owl kitchen time in their life?

oh I can't even tell you how close I came to keeping this.... you turn it to the correct month, and the time of day, and look through, and it shows you the arrangement of the consellations in the sky (and you can change the end according to whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere!)

vintage smarties mugs, what more do I need to say?!

the only reason I am parting with this bad boy is because I already have an identical one of my own - love love love Kodak instamatic cameras

couldn't resist this bright yellow canister - I think I would use it to store something more exciting than sugar in though.... maybe pens? (don't know why pens are more exciting than sugar, but shhhhh)

probably the fanciest cream jug you will ever lay eyes on - it even had a mini spoon so you can be extra dainty!


  1. That stellarscope is AMAZING. Love it. x

  2. that polaroid is very cute

  3. i second that - the stellarscope IS amazing!! i want it!!! the specimen slides are pretty cool too. why do i never find lovely things like these!? x

  4. My top five:

    Smarties mugs
    Alarm clock
    Gazelle glasses

    Followed by the Instascope! You're getting proper good at this thrifting lark x


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