Saturday, 3 September 2011

pretty clothes

When I go thrifting I usually end up coming home with at least one item of clothing - my poor wardrobe is full to bursting though, so I have to limit what I buy! But I wanted to share a few photos of some of the clothes I've picked up recently whilst on my travels....

This top is handmade, and was a perfect summer find. It's a really pale yellow fabric, lined with a brighter yellow, and has such gorgeous cut out detailing.

 I'm a huge sucker for nautical themed dresses, and vintage Laura Ashley, so this is one of my favourite finds (from the Vintage at Southbank festival.) I wore it on my birthday besides the sea.

 A 1960s original heavyweight lace top - I'm going to wear this all winter long under chunky cardigans, with a pencil skirt and boots.

Still very much loving the floral trend - I hope the weather stays nice a bit longer so I can wear this dress to death. I love the bright colours, and the fact I can wear it to work, and out afterwards (a big plus in my books!)


 I've fallen madly in love with the crocheted peter pan collar on this top. Probably my current favourite piece of clothing I own.

Ahhh, gingham, how I adore you. This dress fits me like a glove, but I'm waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it. Maybe an 'end of summer' picnic in the park? I do have a wicker picnic basket lined with matching fabric....

  And more gingham - love this 1950s dress so much, it makes me feel very smart and ladylike, but without being too fitted. The perfect summer dress.

I love peeking into other people's wardrobes, so hope you've enjoyed this very small peek into the thrifted part of mine! Most of my clothes are from car boot sales and vintage fairs, so I will definitely try and share more soon xoxo


  1. Ok ok ok...LOVE the heavyweight lace top and the crocheted peter pan neck top. AMAZING!!!

    Let me know when you are done with them and I will wear them for you:-)

    Also, would you ever consider dying the lace top?

    Thrifting Runway/Thrifting Trends/Thrift Style

  2. I have been waiting for the perfect gingham dress, yours is adorable! I want to see pictures of your flying through the park on a bike with it on and a bow in your hair.....beau!

  3. Great finds! Love the Laura Ashley dress. When I've moved house I'd love to come to another car boot with you if you fancy a car boot buddy again :) xx

  4. N'wwwwww they are all really nice !!!


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