Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ladybird likes

so many pretty things on the internet lately - I also love watching how the changing seasons influence what people blog about, and Autumn is definitely my favourite season in the blogging world and in real life.

this idea from Jordan of Oh Happy Day is super sweet, and would be such a lovely thing to do for a baby shower, or for a wedding, or even just for someone special who needs cheering up

okay, these are the most incredible thing I have ever seen - edible sugar mushrooms and toadstools! The amazing company behind them also handcraft lots of other edible delights, including the most realistic looking vintage buttons I have ever seen!

 I am on a never-ending hunt for the perfect backpack - one that is stylish, but also practical, big enough to carry all my stuff, and strong enough not to break after a few uses. So this one from Baggu is high up on my wishlist right now - I want one in every colour please.

 love love love this idea for repurposing an unloved vintage metal tray into a handy magnetic memo board - I always see things like that at car boot sales, so I may have to try taking a can of spray paint to one of them!

 there are lots of DIY tutorials online for tissue paper pom pom decorations, and after seeing this picture over at Bespoke Press I definitely want to try making some.... maybe for a special little girl's second birthday next month?

 anything with a pretty collar on is already a favourite of mine, but I love these detachable collars in the prettiest fabrics by Lululation - perfect for jazzing up a plain top or dress, because a collar makes everything look better, right?

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