Monday, 19 September 2011

final days of summer (part 1)

 Summer is gone, and Autumn is creeping closer every day, so I wanted to write a final post about my last proper bit of summer fun. Me, my Mum, and a little girl we occasionally look after, went to the park for a picnic. It was all very impromptu; we literally saw how the nice the weather was and packed up some snacks and a camera, and headed off. Sometimes those are the best days.

We spent a whole afternoon exploring a maze, identifying different types of trees, eating ice cream (mine was a mint choc chip), admiring flowers, trying (unsuccessfully) to spot a Toggenburg Goat, playing with a peacock, and going to the butterfly house. And that was all before lunch! Part two of our adventures is coming tomorrow....

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  1. lovely photos, I love the peacock and I love mint choc chip icecream, yum! it really does feel autumny now already doesn't it... though I am enjoying all the pretty colours around.

    Looking forward to seeing part 2!


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