Sunday, 11 September 2011

food glorious food

Whilst going through photos for a completely different blog post, I realised how many pictures I have of food. For some reason I love taking photos of food. Not all food. I try not to document the large amounts of utter crap I eat, and save the photo-taking for the more aesthetically pleasing items. Below are a selection of my favourites....

me and my family have fish and chips every Friday night and I look forward to it all week - plus I love love love the paper bags it comes in

during summer we bought avocados by the box from the market, and I ate at least one a day, mostly just with tomato from our garden

Totoro custard bun ( before and after) bought for me by my sister from the Japan Centre. He was too adorable not to take a photo of before I ate him...

 My Mum's friend bought us Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes, which are my all time favourite cupcakes. It doesn't hurt that they are so pretty too, especially these ones with pastel coloured icing.


  1. We have those paper bags in Letchworth(: That custard tart looks AMAY-ZIN

  2. My hummingbird cakes never look luike that when I follow the recipe! And yes I whole-heartedly agree, food is my drug.


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