Saturday, 10 September 2011

sometimes i make things

Lately I have been a busy bee making and crafting up a storm, but unfortunately I can't really share any of it yet... But here are a few peeks at some of my personal projects which I do in my 'free' time (basically on the bus and tube going to work, or of an evening if I don't have something urgent to do!)

a pom pom wreath (it's actually a prototype for a Christmas DIY post, but I made it in non-Christmassy colours so I can hang it in my room all year)

an embroidered gift for a very special friend (love the background fabric which is from a set of vintage linen I thrifted a while back)

stamping up tags for my vintage items - there is something so soothing about repetitive tasks like this that makes me feel really calm and relaxed!


  1. Love the Christmassy wreath idea, great colours! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. i LOVE these, you are so clever :)

    krystal x


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