Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Whitstable (part 2)

Gosh I didn't realise how many photos I took in Whitstable - it's such a pretty place so I went a little crazy! These photos show our time on the beach; I am obsessed with beach huts right now and Whitstable has the most gorgeous pastel coloured ones, with cute details. Oh, and my angel of a sister bought my a bottle of cream soda, which was the best thing I've ever tasted!


Has anyone else ever been to Whitstable? I'd love to see other people's photos of the area - it had the best little village feel, and lots of quirky shops, and is somewhere I could see myself living one day.


  1. It looks lovely, I've never been but I would probably take lots of photos too!

    I LOVE bach huts too - Thomas's family have one in Norfolk and its my favourite place!! I'll have to find the post I did about it for you :)

  2. Oh lovely pics of Whitstable. Those beach huts are so pretty. I really want a 99 now!

  3. I'd love to go to Whitstable, it looks gorgeous. Lovely pictures, especially of Jasper! He's such a cutie. We're auctioning off our beach huts at the Southbank Centre today, so wish I could buy one!



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