Wednesday, 10 August 2011

ladybird likes...

Well folks, here it is, the newest edition of my 'ladybird likes' feature, showcasing some of my favourite finds from this here worldwide interweb! First up is this gorgeous decal by Shanna Murray - I totally love Shanna's style, and am going to treat myself to one of her decals as a belated birthday present. Now to decided which one to get...

 These frozen banana pops by Emma over at Food Coma have me drooling. First up - frozen banana covered in chocolate = AMAZE. Secondly - her photographs make me so hungry, I can only look at her blog when I've had a decent meal, and even then I want everything.

 This beautiful print by the oh so talented illustrator Lizzy Stewart has my heart all a flutter. I've mentioned on here before my desire to turn my house into an art gallery one day, and this print would definitely be a part of that.
I love love love DIY projects that involve re-purposing old unloved items, so when I saw this tutorial  by Mimi of Little Dwell for making 70s-esque pot plant holders from old doilies over at I Go By Katie, I knew it was something I would have to try for myself, as I am always buying doilies from car boot sales, but have no use for them!

 Look at this amazing idea for a Midsummer Party via Honestly WTF - I want to have friends over and make crowns out of flowers whilst drinking cocktails.

How could I not love this manual photography cheat sheet illustration - it combines photography, typography, and informative posters, three of my favourite things.

I need all of these ridiculously cute animal necklaces  by Meow Girl via Pretty Zoo. Especially the dogs ones, obviously. And the bear.


  1. I need the dog necklaces too, they are amazing!

  2. Love the little bear necklace! Great new feature you have too...xx


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