Thursday, 11 August 2011

sometimes i make things

 It's not very often I share photos of the things I make on this blog - I don't think they are worthy of showing most of the time. But when I made a bunch of things to sell at the Vintage at Southbank festival a few weeks ago I snapped a few photos before to get some feedback. I love making things out of recycled ephemera and fabrics, so they feature heavily.

badges made from vintage ephemera

hand-stamped muslin bags filled with vintage buttons

 greeting cards featuring pictures of Gil Elvgren pin up girls

 teeny crocheted cherry brooches

 packs of selected vintage ephemera (I included a mix of postcards, photos, book pages, bits of old maps, cigarette cards, wallpaper, and envelopes.)

 wooden heart brooches

 stamped wooden bird brooches (these are my favourite)

muslin bags hand stamped with phrases, filled with a chunky wooden heart

 miniature easel and chalkboard

 pieces of vintage fabrics (selected from my own personal stash)

 pocket mirrors made with vintage wallpaper, sheet music, pin up girl images, and fabrics

tags punched from vintage ephemera, including a bird watching guide, and a children's dictionary

What do you think? And what have you all been making recently? I love to always have some sort of crafty project on the go, but am only just thinking about selling the things I make, so would love your feedback xoxo


  1. ahhh! I love all of these!!! so so nice xx

  2. they are amazing, I'm so impressed you make these. I especially love the tube map things, a mirror would be so cute!

  3. Zoe they are great.. I hope you sold lots of stuff...

  4. these are. wonderful. all of them. you're so splendid <3 i promise i'll have a papercut and mail on the way to your wonderful self soon.

  5. These are all so impressive! Love your packaging too. I tried to find your stuff at Vintage but I couldn't see it anywhere! I hope you sold loads though. xx

  6. I love the packs of vintage ephemera. Need!

  7. beautiful things! xxx

  8. The tags and the button baglets are great. When you say 'punched', what do you mean exactly?

    Also, the fabrics you picture there... they have awesome patterns, esp. the blue floral one.

  9. i adore the bird brooches and the pocket mirrors!
    im a new follower and really enjoying reading your posts - i hope you get your etsy shop up and running soon!

    lucy xx :)


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