Sunday, 28 August 2011

i heart iphone photos

Still very much obsessed with taking iphone photos! I find I use it where I wouldnt use a film camera, even if I have one with me. Sometimes I'm very aware of 'wasting' film photos by taking pictures of everyday things. I'm trying to get better at using my film cameras on a day to day basis, but it's so great always having my iphone to snap a quick shot on.

 (all are clockwise from the top left) a handmade birthday card in a handmade envelope from my Alex/ a fox shaped cushion at work - WANT!/ new Lazy Oaf crop top in store/ enjoying the last few blue skies before winter

 me and Alex have camera siblings (mine is the AV-1 and his is the AE-1)/ picking (ahem, stealing!) paint swatches for a crafty project/ most beautiful clotted cream packaging ever/ an old library book - I'm so in love with old fashioned library cards with date stamps

apparently Jasper supports Liverpool/ me and my baby pink uke/ magical clouds from a train window/ a bird brooch I made

(these were all taken with the 'shake it' app which I love! I know lots of people rave about Instagram, but my poor old iphone 3G won't download it from the app store, so for now this is what I use!)


  1. i love taking photos on my iphone - do you have the instagra app?
    it's a really great way to share your iphone photos and also get inspired

  2. Love the uke! I've got a really old battered one that won't stay in tune, bet the neighbours just love when I practice that. x


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