Monday, 29 August 2011

and baby makes three...

 This is my third post about my birthday week, from my day out to Hastings with my BFF and her baby. It was such a fun and tiring day (me and Lily slept the whole way home pretty much!) and I love these two more than anything. My gorgeous Lily girl is nearly two years old, which makes me feel incredibly old! But I had the best time taking her on fairground rides, eating fish and chips, wandering round the shops, and eating ice creams.

Me and Louise have such very different lives - she is a full-time teacher, and has a daughter, and I work most weekends and evenings, so it's such a rarity for us to get days together like this. But that just makes me appreciate them all the more. Louise, if you read this, I love you so much more than you will ever know, and you are my biggest inspiration. Thanks for putting up with me for 12 years (good lord we are OLD!) xoxo

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  1. May I be there first to say, tee hee 'erected'.

    Ok, now that's out of the way...such a sweet post. I have 4 girlfriends that i've known for 16 years and I love them more than anything. Anytimes with them are the best. xx


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