Wednesday, 17 August 2011

but oh, those summer nights

Although I would love to live closer to central London, as I have a long commute every day, during summer I feel so lucky to have the luxury of a garden (well two actually, as we have plants in our front and back gardens!) Going home after work and sitting out on the deck with my dinner and a book, looking at the beautiful flowers, I wouldn't change that for anything. Here are a few snaps of our garden right now...

I totally didn't think that photo of the lavender with the bee would come out - those guys move fast, I was having trouble focusing! The lavender is probably my favourite part of the garden - I'm going to cut some and dry it to use in some craft projects.


  1. I love having a garden too :)

  2. Eeep, so pretty! I don't think I'd survive in a city :/

  3. Lovely, very jealous that you have a garden. I have only a tiny windowbox, which curously I think a pigeon may have sat in today...xx


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