Saturday, 4 June 2011

oodles of poodles

I love poodles - for me they embody kitsch, and if you know me at all then you know how I feel about kitsch! Sometimes when I am sourcing at car boot sales (in case you're new, I source vintage stock for Ayoka Charity Boutique in Bethnal Green) I will end up buying things around a theme; for example the other week I ended up with a few poodle related bits...

a hand knitted toilet roll cover (if I had a bathroom of my own this would have been a keeper - unfortunately my mother does not share my love of kitsch, or 'crap' as she so affectionately calls it)

 two teeny poodle figurines joined by a chain 'leash'

 a chalkware flatback poodle ornament with orange crystal eyes (I have one quite similar - they are so creepy looking)

 Of course I also found some bits and bobs for those of you who, like my mother, have an aversion to weird poodle things....

tea and biscuits jars from the 1970s

 ceramic toadstool letter holder

 Hornsea pottery fawn vase

 French 1980s floral patterned jar (this nearly stayed with me - I love it so much)

 cutest vintage wind-up alarm clock

 pair of brown dog head ornaments

 basic conversational italian lessons on record (the graphic on the box won my heart big time)

 wooden playing card holder, complete with tacky Land's End souvenir playing cards

 vintage embroidered floral coasters

 two owl ceramic wall plaques (one day I want to collect these)

 one of my favourite finds ever - a set of 11 1950s paper lantern decorations in excellent condition

 owl salt and pepper shakers (my obsession with all things owl related continues)

 wooden hand-painted trinket box from Budapest

 vintage 'fruits' shot glasses

 kitschy pixie ornaments (I also wanted to keep these really badly as my Mum told me she had some when she was younger)

All these goodies, plus even more (a few vintage cameras, including a couple of polaroids!) are for sale right now in Ayoka on Old Ford Road. Get down there, as they have loads of great clothes and books too!


  1. What a selection. I love that alarm clock and I can see why you almost kept the jar. Also those owl salt and pepper shakers are so cute! x

  2. Amazing finds Zoe! I don't know how you manage to give any of these things away! x

  3. the lady from Budapest... very charming :)


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