Monday, 6 June 2011

List 3: things i want to do one day in the not too distant future

This post is totally 100% inspired by this post over on Jamie's blog (who incidentally is amazing - go follow him now if you're not already.) I started this blog originally to keep a track of 'stuff' - what I like, what I've been doing, what I want to do, things I've seen, places I've been, books I've read, movies I've watched... you get the idea! Somewhere along the way (possibly when I started studying photography!!) it became very photo-orientated. Which is great, I love me some photos, and it would probably be a bit crap without them. But I want to spend more time on other things I love. Like lists. Remember waaaay back when I pledged to complete a '52 lists' project? Well I didn't. But I want to..... so consider this a step towards that. This list is dedicated to some things I would like to do. Not this month, or this year.... but hopefully before I die. Not that I'm going to die. Ever. I plan on becoming immortal. Less Twilight vampire, more Dorian Gray.

1. pass my driving test (this one really needs to be done asap!)
2. learn more Japanese, specifically kanji characters
3. make a zine
4. visit more places around the UK (this is where the whole driving thing really becomes important!)
5. devote more time to being the best penpal in the entire world
6. eat at The Breakfast Club dressed as Molly Ringwald from the namesake movie
7. finally replace the ribbon in my typewriter so I can write letters on it
8. get a green card and move to America for a while
9. go swimming in one of the ponds in London.... when it gets warmer....
10. buy an airstream trailer (and a car to pull it)
11. decide on a new tattoo and get it done
12. get my LC-A camera working
13. give my blog a makeover
14. hang out with my online friends in real life
15. dye my hair a pretty colour - either candyfloss pink or mint green
16. sell one (or hopefully more!) of my photo prints
17. work on my street fashion portfolio some more
18. have photobooth strips taken with every single person I consider a friend
19. learn to make macarons
20. buy a bike and conquer my fear of falling off and going to hospital for stitches (again)
21. self-publish a collection of my writing/photography
22. buy everything on my Amazon wish lists (currently several thousand pounds worth of books and DVDs)
23. start a penpal club like this one
24. actually save some money
25. finally cure my Starbucks addiction (which will greatly aid with no. 24)
26. start a record collection
27. watch every single episode of Gilmore Girls until I can recite it word for word
28. learn to make chocolate
29. crochet a blanket
30. make use of my scuba diving license
31. find the perfect pair of sandals
32. open an etsy shop
33. learn to control my fear of flying without the need for valium
34. go back to ballet classes and actually do pointe work (third time lucky!)
35. write a children's book and get my lovely illustrator friends to draw the pictures for it
36. participate in (or initiate)a guerilla art project
37. buy a letterpress and learn to use it like a pro
38. shoot on as many film cameras as I can get my hands on!
39. actually finish this 52 lists project
40. get myself a Totoro kigurumi (i have a flying squirrel one, but this one is freaking TOTORO)
41. write some guest blog posts on my favourite blogs
42. have my blogging friends write guest posts for me
43. watch the following acts play live: Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ben Folds, She & Him
44. set up my sewing machine and finally (after like two years) alter the huge bag of clothes that have been sat under my desk staring at me
45. perfect the art of origami dinosaur making
46. do some voluntary work for a charity i love
47. spread my love of literature as widely as possible (if you want me to send you some good books then just holler - i'm a big believer in shared knowledge)
48. study for fun so that i can say i have genuinely learned something new every day
49. start (and finish!) a 365 project.... something photography related
50. acquire a pair of roller skates and get really good


  1. Ok the next time I come to London we're going to the breakfast club dressed as molly fucking ringwald, we're making a minizine, hanging out, I'll let you shoot with my camera and go on a daytrip somewhere. That's 5 off your list.

  2. Good list, can I join the Breakfast club too and be Ally Sheedy's character??

  3. i'm still contemplating starting a 52 week challenge but haven't been motivated :/
    i am constantly writing lists, lists of what i need to get, things i need to do, things i like & things i want to achieve. so i liked reading your list :)

  4. Come and do some voluntary work at my shop!


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