Wednesday, 15 June 2011

List 4: things that I collect (or sort of collect!)

Collecting is in my blood - I don't even realise I am doing it, and then suddenly I've got several dozen of something and am genuinely surprised by it! That being said not all the things I say I 'collect' are actual collections - they are just things I have multiples of. But I will include them in this list because in my eyes anything you have more than five of is a collection. So there.

1. polaroid cameras
2. buttons
3. royal memorabilia mugs
4. pez dispensers
5. vintage button badges
6. postcards
7. drinks mats
8. souvenir teaspoons
9. Eiffel Tower statues
10. vintage brooches
11. Alice in Wonderland books
12. novelty tea towels
13. playing card sets
14. vintage scarves
15. pretty fabric scraps
16. erasers
17. vintage craft magazines
18. tote bags
19. deer figurines
20. washi tape

I'm sure there are many more things I could add to this list, but these are the main things I collect. I also have a long list of things I would like to collect.... so maybe I will blog that at a later date!

PS. I'm really loving this 52 lists project. Have so many ideas for lists I want to write, and I might even make some of them into a mini zine. Just for kicks.

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  1. I wrote a blog post for DEERBRAINS about lists! :)

    Let's make lists together in Brighton on Monday!


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