Thursday, 16 June 2011

Exhibition Preparation

Since Monday I have been a busy bee hanging my exhibition at university, ready for the opening night of our group show, which is tonight! I wanted to share a few peeks into my preparation for the exhibition, but will share proper photos from the opening night in a few days.

This is my bit of wall - we were each allocated two metres of wall which we could utilise however we liked. I'm in the Well Gallery, which I was very happy about as it gets lots of lovely natural light, and it's usually pretty busy.

I'm keeping my hanging really simple (plus I couldn't afford to have all my pieces framed!) so they are being hung on these metal clips. I arranged them how I wanted them and used masking tape as a temporary hold, which was good as I rearranged them several (dozen) times!

This is the final layout - it took me so long to get it right because I didn't want lots of green photos bunched together, and I wanted a good even mix of landscape and portrait orientated shots. 

 Haha, this is me goofing around waiting for my Dad to arrive and drill the holes. Yes, I got my Dad to do it for me. If you've ever seen me with a power tool then you will understand why. I'm a woman of many talents (so modest too) but DIY is definitely not one of them.

And here he is, my hero, my Dad, putting all the screws in for my photos. I did buy him a double Snickers bar in return though. Pretty fair trade if you ask me! 

 My exhibition space is right next to one of my best friend from uni's installation piece. She was constructing it while I was hanging my work, and I took some pictures to document her progress too. She made 202 origami lilies as part of a fundraising tribute to the victims of the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami earlier this year. They look absolutely stunning all lined up.

If you're coming tonight, then I will see you there! Just to warn you, I will have my instax mini camera with me, and I want a shot of every one of my guests! And if you want to come then please do; it's at London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, from 6-9pm. Please RSVP to first otherwise you may not be allowed in. Wish me monsters. xoxo (if you get that reference then I will publicly declare my undying love for you)


  1. Looks GORGEOUS - sorry I can't make it man :( In memory of me I think you should leave the ladder at the side, it looks quite cool haha
    Lovely lilies too xx

  2. Great exhibition Zoe, what a great place LCC is. Hope you had a great night! xx

  3. Wow, that's so awesome! Congrats on your exhibit! You are so talented!


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