Wednesday, 18 May 2011

strangeways here we come

 Just a few peeks at some of the things I've been up to the last few weeks when not doing uni work.... Sometimes I get so caught up with work, studying, and trying to have a social life that I forget to do anything else, so by having to post photos of what I've been up to it makes me actually do something in order to have photos!

trying out long exposures and light painting (it was supposed to be a heart.... light painting is pretty much the hardest thing ever!)

 a new Rob Ryan book - so beautiful, I can't put it down

 from a set of postcards I bought in Ikea

 the yummiest chocolate EVER courtesy of my darling friend Lucy and her newly launched chocolaterie! (what girl wouldn't give her right arm to own a chocolate shop? - dream job right there)

 writing labels for my goodies for Ayoka

 taking time out to notice the little things in life

 nothing but blue skies from here

 a telegram Heather wrote for me (on a vintage typewriter nonetheless)

 realising how much I love London, especially in summer

 My need to document every moment of my life seems to have diminished slightly since starting a photography course - there is less time to take photos for fun when you have to do them for your studies. But I think it's been rekindled since looking back at these...


  1. your ability to capture the small things & turn them into beautiful photographs is something i admire
    beautiful photos

  2. beautiful post Zoe, so important to look for the little things. I cannot believe your friend has her own chocolate business, that is beyond wonderful...xx


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