Monday, 23 May 2011

a river runs through it

So excited to share these photos with you - they are the second lot of images I'm posting of Dee, and these are from a shoot we did the other week down by the River Thames at Kew Bridge, and also wandering around the gardens and greenhouses in Kew Gardens. They are two of the most beautiful and inspiring locations, and I feel really pleased with how these pictures came out.

All these pictures were shot on film, and haven't been edited in any way. I'm planning a post for in a few days time though where I will share some of the images I have been editing using Photoshop. Although I love some of the effects you can achieve using digital imaging software, I just love the natural look of photos taken using film.


  1. so so lovely! what a disgustingly pretty model Dee is! my favourites are 6, 8 and 10! magnifique!

  2. oh, film.

    and your photos get prettier and prettier.

  3. what lovely photos you took of Dee :)
    i've just started my first roll of film!


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