Tuesday, 24 May 2011

cut out and keep

 Sometimes I don't think blog posts out properly.... I should have really posted these peeks into my photography scrapbook before I posted any of my portfolio work, but apparently I like to do things in the wrong order! As part of my research for my Final Major Project (which is also our portfolio/exhibition work - confusing, huh?!) I looked through lots of magazines to try and find images I liked, in order to better understand how I wanted my work to look and to try and develop my own personal style through looking at how others constructed their style. I managed to fill up 3 scrapbooks (so far) so these are just some of my favourite images....

I've been collecting magazine clippings for many years, but have always just kept them stuffed into folders. From now on I am going to try and put them into books like these - they are so much easier to look through, and I find it really inspiring looking through the work of lots of different photographers all in one go.

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