Monday, 9 May 2011

my name is zoe and i am addicted to thrifting...

 Following the success of the first lot of stuff I sourced for Ayoka, I hit up another car boot sale the other weekend in order to source some more stock for them to sell. I am probably going to say this a lot, but I love thrifting! I can't imagine ever getting bored, as every time I go to a car boot sale there is new stuff to see. Here are my favourite picks from the swag I found - although really everything I buy is my favourite, as I am naturally drawn to things that I like.

lots of vintage cameras - I wanted to keep all of these so badly!

 super kitsch plastic statue - when you wind it up at the back it plays 'Silent Night'!

 plastic 'Blackpool Sights' fan

 1970s Viewmaster toy with reels

 a teeny ship in a bottle ornament

miniature bottle of  'Devon Violets' perfume (it smells just like parma violets!)

 1950s pair of poodle figurines

 commemorative Royal mugs (I am thinking about starting a collection of these myself)

vintage beaded bag (so wanted to keep this beauty!)

 1970s elephant print oven mitts

 pair of chicken soup mugs (my Mum had a whole set of these when I was younger and finding then brought back happy memories)

 European cities tray

As always, all these goodies and loads more are available right now in Ayoka Charity Shop Boutique, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green. Make sure to visit them if you are in London - they always have great finds!


  1. wow, love those cameras! Must definitely come carbooting with you sometime soon! xx

  2. i love collecting vintage cameras!
    what is that second one? it looks really cool
    i have a little 1970's kodak instamatic, i'm yet to get film & test it out, but i really hope it works because i think it will produce some beautiful results :)


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