Monday, 11 April 2011

a room with a view

 For such a long time I have been wanting to post a mini tour of my room. But things kept coming up, and then I kept making excuses. "Oh once I've moved this around I will take photos." "When that picture is hung then I will take photos." But I had to take pictures of my room as part of my research for one of my university projects, and so I figured I might as well post them on here as well, at least until everything is finally finished...

my collection of Eiffel Tower figurines

 ice cream bubbles and my name

 the gnome was made for me by my lovely friend Ellie, the Totoro was a gift from my sister, 
but all the rest are from car boot sales!

 I finally persuaded my Dad to hang my pinboard, and it's my favourite part of my bedroom

 that lion brooch in the top right was made by the amazing Kim

 a small selection of my photobooth photos

a sample of my vintage camera collection (which I keep meaning to blog about....)

 my vintage typewriter (which I really need to get ribbon for...)

 my ever expanding deer collection

 a few Maneki Nekos

 Jesus and Mary bubblebath and a vintage trinket box (it plays music when you wind it up)

 apparently I hoard pens and pencils...

Well I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek at where I live (all one room of it!) When I finally get everything finished I will post more pictures. I've got tons of art prints to be framed and hung, but I'm just waiting until I can move all my craft supplies (and my computer) into my craft room/office downstairs. So excited!


  1. I LOVE YOUR BEDROOM!!!!!! Its amazing!

  2. I love it! I keep meaning to do a post like this one too and always come up with the same excuses as you. That gnome is so amazing :D

  3. aww your bedroom is so cute!! x

  4. I love your pinboard & your cameras, gorgeous!!


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