Saturday, 9 April 2011

Xhibit 2011

 As I've mentioned before on here, one of the best parts of studying at a UAL college is that there is always some sort of exhibit going on somewhere. It's a great way of seeing what other people are working on, and to pick up business cards for artists that you like. I found this one whilst looking for somewhere quiet to take some photos as part of my photojournalism class. It was a kind of showcase of work by students from a range of courses, so it combined sculpture, installation, multimedia, as well as photography, graphics, and painting.

This final piece was my favourite - it reminded me of Japanese kanzashi flowers. You can't really tell from these photos but it was a huge piece, and must have taken a very long time to complete as it was so intricate. Studying at UAL is like living in a mini art gallery at times, and I almost forget to go to exhibitions outside of the college! But I'm definitely going to make a trip to see Susan Hiller at Tate Modern, and when Tracy Emin opens at Hayward Gallery I will try and see that too. Do you have any exhibitions you'd like to see?

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  1. wow how inspiring! I get free entry to the Hayward and I have a membership plus guest to the Tate Modern so we should go for sure! xx


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