Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mixtape Number 2

Way back in November I made my first mixtape style playlist post, and promised my lovely blog readers I would be posting one every month. Well, it's now February and there have been no more playlists posted.... until now that is! Better late than never I guess....

1. Can't Sleep - Blue Roses
2. Out and In - Kate Miller-Heidke
3. Centrefolds & Empty Screens - We Have Band
4. Us - Regina Spektor
5. Big Wave - Jenny and Johnny
6. Night Majestic - Au Revoir Simone
7. My Number - Tegan and Sara
8. Ready for the Floor - Lissy Trullie
9. I Found a Reason - Cat Power
10. Everything You Wanted - Kele
11. Hand on your Heart - Jose Gonzalez
12. Parasol - The Sea and Cake

You can see my first mixtape playlist over here. Oh, just as a disclaimer, these songs are not meant to 'go' together really... they are just a selection of songs I've been listening to lately. I hope you enjoy them  xxx

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