Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Snow Business

(That ridiculous title made me laugh a lot. I think I am delusional...)

A few weeks ago we had quite a lot of snow. Quite a lot for London in December at least. And it lasted for ages. The snow part was fun. The ice part that soon followed was definitely not my favourite experience. I fell, several times. I resorted to wearing hiking boots but, aside from looking slightly ridiculous with my leopard fur coat, they were little help.

Snow makes for pretty pictures though, so I didn't complain too much.... These are from a little walk around our local park.

PS. I took an instax mini photo of the snow, and the picture came out the most beautiful shade of blue. So bizarre, but apparently there is a scientific explanation which I won't pretend to understand.

PPS. Looking at these is making me miss the snow.

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