Monday, 10 January 2011

Sneak Peeks (aka what my life is consumed with right now)

Today I start the second term of my ABC Diploma in Photography at LCC. And this is really the first time I've shared any of my work from the course on here. I'm not really sure why - I have been super busy, but I know deep down that that's just an excuse! I think it's partly because the reviews from my tutors haven't been great. The course seems to be aimed at people wanting to become 'professional' photographers, which is not really what I want to do. I am learning so much about the technical side of photography; about studio lighting, about darkroom skills, about Photoshop, but the creative side seems to get sidelined. So when I submit my images, which are basically me just mucking around and trying out new things, they don't really approve.

It's okay though. I'm over the whole getting praise thing. I am doing what I love, and I have made friends with some people on my course who feel the same, so I couldn't ask for anything more really. Below are just a few peeks into my 'sketchbooks' (I keep calling them that, although technically they're workbooks!) but I will definitely post more about what I'm doing...

And below are a few peeks into what I am currently working on. I love photography, and I love crafts, so why not combine the two? I made a photogram of a piece of lace, and then embroidered directly on to the photo paper.

This project is dedicated to Masayo, a very strange Japanese girl who took a liking to me in the canteen and insisted we go and attempt to make a photogram of one of my embroidered quotes. She inspired me to experiment and this project would not have been born without her!

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  1. Im so glad you enjoying photography. :)
    lets push the boundaries on photography<3



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