Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year

So, it's 2011. How did that happen?! I kind of forgot that after Christmas comes the new year, and hadn't made any resolutions until earlier today. But I wanted to share them on here in the hope that it will encourage me to stick to them more!

* to pass my driving test - this should hopefully not be too difficult as I can already drive, however tests make me nervous, hence why I failed my last two driving tests due to stalling at busy junctions. I'm super motivated to get this done because I want to....

* buy a mini caravan and travel round the UK - maybe not this summer, because I don't finish uni till June, but hopefully make some progress towards this goal!

* eat better/exercise more - I am lazy and I like food, and that's not a very healthy combination. I'm not going to join a gym and start a fad diet, but I will eat more sensibly and try to do some form of exercise every week.

* stop thinking and start doing - I'm one of those people who sits there going "yeah, I'd really love to do a craft fair" or "wouldn't it be nice to make loads of cakes and give them to my neighbours" or "I have a huge pile of dresses to hem" but never actually does anything about it. Not any more. Call me action woman. Even if it's just something small, every day I will do something that makes me happy and makes me feel I am moving forward.

* broaden my horizons - read more books/research new topics/watch films I know nothing about/listen to music my artists I've never heard before/be curious and ask questions.

Just a few little things, but things I feel are important to make 2011 a good year. What are your resolutions? xxx

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  1. I had the same idea and wrote a few resolutions on my blog last night, as i thought going public would help me keep/ remember them. Good luck with yours!


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