Tuesday, 25 January 2011

First Shoot...

I have a confession to make dear blog readers. I am a procrastinator. I am a promise breaker. And I am afraid of Photoshop. It is a mixture of these three things which mean that I have only just edited and blogged the photos from my first photoshoot with my sister which took place last summer. Oh yes, that's 8 months ago. Please forgive me little sister!

So we were going out to walk the dog and I suddenly had the urge to take some pretty photos. My sister agreed to be my model and to wear a dress (both are unusual occurences), and we headed over to a nearby park. It was definitely a case of 'right place at the right time' as the sun was going down and it made the prettiest flare through the low-hanging tree branches.

I need to go out more on mini shoots, with props, and a model, and an idea of what I want. And I need to learn to use Photoshop properly. Baby steps.


  1. I really like the one with the tree and the last one :) good work!

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous. You are incredibly talented girl! xxx


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