Friday, 12 November 2010

Mr Tim Walker

As part of the photography course I'm currently studying at LCC, we had to put together a short presentation on a photographer of our choice. Not knowing very many photographers it was a pretty easy choice for me. I did mine on Tim Walker, the man whose pictures made me want to study photography in the first place. To say I love his work is probably the biggest understatement ever. It's hard to explain exactly why I love his work, so it's probably easiest just to show you...

His photos are like every daydream I ever had as a child. Looking at them is like looking through the wardrobe and realising that Narnia exists and has been there all along. They are totally magical, and they inspire me every single day to work hard, because literally anything is possible.

And I have just found out he has recently finished work on a short film called 'The Lost Explorer', based on a story by Patrick McGrath, which will be released early 2011. I am so excited I may burst.

These images are just a TINY sample of Tim's work, so if you'd like to see more, or find out more about the man himself, you could take a look over here, or you could buy his book which I'd just like to say is probably the best gift I have ever been given.

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  1. These are all seriously gorgeous!

    In response to your comment, I was at Wimbledon :)
    Ohh I am getting more and more excited about Harry Potter as the days go by! Haha.

    Have a lovely weekend! xx


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