Thursday, 14 October 2010

Southbank and Beyond

During the summer me and the ever lovely Kate face went on a jaunt to the Southbank area, mainly to visit the Surveillance and Voyeurism exhibition at the Tate Modern (which was very good by the way) but also to generally enjoy the sunshine and explore the area a bit.

Outside Royal Festival Hall there was this installment of 'favelas' made from painted bricks. It was so colourful, we had to snap a few pictures, even if we didn't fully understand why it was there!

And then, in a random bookshop, possibly Foyles, we hit the Moomin jackpot! We both love them, so lots of squeals of joy were let out. People may have turned to look. But look how sweet they are!

Looking at these photos now, when it is grey and cold out, makes me wish it was Summer again! I do love Autumn and Winter, but there is something about nice weather.... xxxx

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