Friday, 15 October 2010

Curio Cabinet

Myself and the infamous Kate face went on (yet another) little explore of East London back in the summer. First up a few random snaps, just because I can.

(This Maneki Neko was HUGE. Do I even have to tell you how much I need one?)

The main reason for our jaunt into East London (like we need a reason!) was to visit the Curio Cabinet exhibition at Eats Gallery on Brick Lane. I'd randomly been given a flyer for the exhibit whilst at work, so wasn't really to sure what it was about, but we decided to check it out anyway, and I'm really glad we did. The exhibit was showcasing the final project work of eight students; Ffion Cleverly, Megan Evans, Lianne Harrison, Cole Jefferies, Sophie Lashmar, Ashleigh Ward, Charlotte Wood, and Tess Woodington.

(I think this seagull was my favourite thing in the whole exhibition!)

Check back later this evening for the second part of this post, complete with photobooth photos. Yeahhhhhh! xxx

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