Saturday, 9 October 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling

Let's get one thing straight from the start; I live in England, and over here it rains. Not as much as other places in the world, or so I'm told, but more than enough for one country. Let me also take this opportunity to say I don't like the rain. A harsh stance perhaps, but me and the rain have never been very close. It messes up my hair, makes my glasses impossible to see through, ruins perfectly good, if slightly inappropriate during inclement weather, pairs of shoes, and generally puts a big old downer on the day.

The one, and possibly only, thing I do love about the rain is how pretty everything looks afterwards. Nice and clean and fresh, with big raindrops dripping from every surface. So during the last patch of wet weather I made a point of snapping my world under different conditions.

Maybe the rain isn't so bad after all. Just not all day every day please! Also, I have been given my first project brief from college (in case you don't know I have just started at LCC doing a one year diploma course in photography) and it is to take a picture of the Thames. Pretty open, and not very inspiring as yet, but I'm excited to get stuck in and to experiment, and also to see everyone else's photos and how they interpret the brief. I will make sure to share some of them on here too. xxx

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