Monday, 26 July 2010


A couple of weeks ago me and the family (my Ma, Pa, two sisters, Nanny and our pup Jasper) went for a day trip to Bournemouth. Cue lots of listening to the Glee soundtrack with my sister, laughing at my Nanny's funny sayings, drinking Shakeaway, hitching rides in the pup's wagon, LOTS of walking, taking photos of beach huts, and sitting in deckchairs.

the beach: early morning

blue beach huts in a row

lonely deckchair

Diana mini: favourite

fish and chips sign

tempted to buy this: ZOE!

slightly terrifying zombie teddy

hot air balloon and sun glare

Sammy the seagull (purchased whilst in Bournemouth and dropped and smashed 7 hours later)

Sammy (RIP) and the Diana mini

And of course, as always, there are more photos on my Flickr. Check them out. Anyone else heading to the British seaside this summer? xxx

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