Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Another Catch Up Post

Somehow I am still playing catch up on uploading photos of various days out to my blog and Flickr, and this falls into that category. About a month ago me and my fellow adventurer Kate went on yet another trip to East London with the intention of going to a jewelery exhibition at the Museum of Childhood. However it turned out not how we expected, and we didn't stay very long, so to make up for it we had ourselves some good old fashioned fun as depicted below.

ogling pretty bunting

yummy drinks from Leon

self portraits as usual

finding a new fave t shirt

looking for cute doors

looking for nice grafitti

the somewhat ill fated museum trip

nice typography makes everything better

staring at pretty clouds for hours because we were too hot to move

finishing the day up with dinner at Wagamamas

I also have some film photos to share over the next couple of days, which I am very excited about as I am just starting to shoot more on film and am pretty pleased with how most of them have turned out. Oh, and my sister and I did a mini mini shoot a while back and I just remembered, so I'll be blogging some of those too! xxx

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