Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Last week I resolved to finish the test film from my action sampler camera, as it had been lying dormant for the best part of a year. Well, to cut a long story short I finished it up, got it developed, and here they are. Or at least here are some of the photos. There's a reason why I run test films through cameras when I first get them. Lessons learned with the action sampler include; don't put your finger in front of the lens (this applies to all cameras), only shoot when there is a lot of light (considering buying the newer version which has a flash, and therefore will make this point moot), get close to what you're photographing, and things with bright colours look way better than trees and grass on this baby.

run Jasper run

possibly my favourite photograph of all time - taken in Thailand

pool in Thailand

attack of the thumb

love those shoes

Christmas at Carnaby Street (see what I mean about colour?)

Japanese lanterns

Graduation jump outside the Barbican

jumping at the bus stop - check out the height I got!

Miss Rachie is coming over this evening for a sleepover/Wii dancing/Indian food/gossiping so am busy tidying, cleaning, and generally organising myself. If I have a spare moment though I plan on blogging some of my Diana Mini photos. Keep your eyes peeled people. xxx


  1. So good! Can't wait to develop mine!

  2. I got an Oktomat for Christmas, and I still haven't finished the first roll of film. I'm going to have to take it out on a date so we can spend some time alone together... Great photos. Love your favorite and the Japanese lanterns!


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