Sunday, 18 July 2010


As promised, here are some photos of the work I produced whilst on my one week Visual Thinking course at LCC. I'm going to do one post with photos of my sketchbook (this post) and then a separate post with ones of my final piece. Just because there are quite a few photos and, being extremely anal and obsessive, I don't like posts with loads of images. Plus I like to be in control and make people wait for things. (Not really.)

So, without further ado, here is my sketchbook. The idea was to capture the journey we went through during the week, using a range of materials and techniques. The main body of my sketchbook was taken from images and ephemera I collected at the Imperial War Museum, and there are several themes and images that are repeated through it, which I will talk about a bit more in my next post.

Oh, and as usual there are quite a few extra photos over on my Flickr. I've even made a separate set (over on the right) with just the photos of my sketchbook and final piece. Check it out.

My handmade 'ideas' book and the information sheets given to us on the course.

Papercut on a tube map, plus an instax photo of the LCC sign.

A collection of 'found' typography from around the university.

One task we were set on the first day was to find a sign and using that type make a sign with our own personal motto. This was mine.

Stenciled pattern made using a paper doily and blue watercolour paint. The quote was cut from a free magazine created by the University of the Arts.

Key phrases for the week.

Oh yes, I took rubbings like a small child. And I enjoyed it.

My interpretation of the task to 'draw the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.' The quotes are actually from the book, when Alice first sees the rabbit.

Free writing response to the sounds in the 'Children's War' exhibition.

Quote is by Dylan Thomas, and was on the wall of the 'Children's War' exhibition. The image at the bottom is a simply watercolour of a statue in the same exhibition.

Image and 'WAR' typography sample taken from an information leaflet. The text was part of the Holocaust exhibition at the museum, and probably the thing from the day that stuck with me the most.

An enlarged negative photocopy of a multimedia collage I'd made. The label at the bottom reads 'It's a war out there.'

The background is a collage of pieces of the day's newspaper. On top I cut out the shadow of a statue of a little boy holding a plane from a photo I'd taken.

I took a photo of a plane flying over the museum, but wanted to recreate it using an image of a plane from the actual museum. So I traced a picture from an information leaflet onto a photo I'd taken of the sky, and painted over it with black paint.

I made a papercut from an image taken from the museum,and then used it as a stencil to produce a repeat pattern.

Right, I will try and publish my final project photos up tonight, but for some reason it is taking forever to upload photos, so if not they will definitely be blogged tomorrow. Please check back as I am really proud of the way my final piece turned

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  1. All looks wonderful !!! Love the white rabbit one and the boys shadow! But it's all great! Well done girl xx


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