Monday, 21 June 2010

Day of Fun Part 3

For the final part of our day out we headed to Selfridges for an interactive exhibition type event in the UltraLounge titled 'The Paper Eaters - Long Live the Photo-Story.' It was an odd place, full of quirky and downright bizarre objects, but was a fun way to kill an hour. Unfortunately the lighting was really bad, it was so dark in there that very few of our pictures came out, which is a shame as it was very colourful in there, and there were lots of cute things to look at. But here are a few pics from the Ultralounge, and Selfridges in general....

wooden ampersands = NEED

vintage typewriter in the Ultralounge

I want one of these

this made me want to spray paint all my belongings

birds on a wire over the cafe in Selfridges

Well hope you enjoyed seeing the pics from mine and Kate's mini adventure round London. We sure had a fun old time. Thanks for reading folks, and I will be back tomorrow with some photos from my first week as a carer, plus those pictures of my pretty eBay dresses I promised xxx

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