Monday, 21 June 2010

Day of Fun Part 1

A month or so ago (see how behind I am with blogging and uploading?!) the lovely Kate face and myself ventured out into London for a day of fun. In fact so much fun was had that I am breaking it up into three posts (and three Flickr updates) so as not to dump loads of photos on you all at once. All three will go up today, so do check back. But for now, on with part one....

So our first stop was the Barbican Centre where we:

posed for photos amongst the flowers

enjoyed the rooftop walk from the station to the centre

got so engrossed in our conversation that we forgot to follow the yellow line

saw birds playing instruments as part of an installation (and were not allowed to take photos of it, booooo)

and took photos of ourselves in the giant mirror

Part two will be uploaded at about 1pm GMT so see you then folks!

PS. The other day I had a lovely comment from fellow blogger Green Pickles saying that she loved my blog. Pretty much made my year. Check out her blog because it's as lovely as she is.

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