Sunday, 13 June 2010


There's a word for people like me, and that name is a bibliophile. As in "my name is Zoe, and I'm a bibliophile." I love anything book related. Just recently I bought a personal library kit (the photo below is from the Mojo London website where you can buy your own kit - I got mine from a car boot sale for a quid. Don't hate.) It has library pockets and cards to put inside your books and fill out when loaning them out, as well as reference stickers and a date stamp.

Continuing on the book theme, I need one of these clutch bags masquerading as a classic novel by Olympia Le-Tan. The Moby Dick one is my fave, but George Orwell's 1986 comes in a close second. (Originally seen in a magazine, but I cannot remember which one. Possibly Vogue. Anyone?)

And just because I am a Mac girl (goodbye stupid PC laptops which I have to replace every single year) check out these Mac laptop cases by Twelve South. If it wasn't for the fact that they aren't suitable for white Mac books then I would own one of these.

That's all for now - except to say I apologise for the extremely non-chronological order of my photo posts. I am trying to get up to date so that I can start blogging and posting photos to Flickr as things happen. Don't worry, I am on the case people. Normal service will resume shortly.

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