Wednesday, 2 March 2016

i heart iphone photos

Is it just me or did January and February just disappear?! I can't believe it is March already but I mean, no big deal, it's not like I needed those two months to do stuff or anything.... But here is my monthly iphone photo roundup from February - it is surprisingly lacking in pink heart shaped things. I suppose that's what happens when you're single... (all descriptions are clockwise from top left)

finally got a set of Pantone colours swatches so now I can Pantone match to my heart's content) // fresh bedding that has unicorns on is my favourite // crocheting ice cream scoops to make gifts for some of my friends // the lovely folks at Look Lane bought me ladybird donuts to celebrate Ladybird Likes' fourth birthday!

 puppy dog cuddles with Mim's adorable sausage dogs Frank and Albert // forever trying to organise my yarn collection, but it usually just ends up EVERYWHERE // making new things, including these teeny metal studs // reliving my acting debut for Look Lane back in January

 one of my favourite ever charity shop finds - a super creepy but super cute vintage kewpie doll // new to me Cath Kidston rucksack that matches my converse perfectly // currently obsessed with papercutting and this is one of my favourite pieces (in all its shadowy glory!) // adding bracelets to my jewellery line and testing out the prototypes for wearability and cuteness

 some days are just UGH (but yay for pink converse that match your bag) / my thriving studio jungle on a rather rare sunny day // creating cute little displays in my newly organised studio // creating sassy wall art because sometimes you really need to cheer yourself up as online dating sucks

 treated myself to ALL of the new pens from Kikki K // testing lots of new things out including these glitter and acrylic mini signs // donuts for breakfast - because life is too short to eat healthy all the time // my daily mantra on a mug in the shiniest gold vinyl I could get my hands on!


  1. Love it! Really digging that Ugh tote bag, too. And now I want a doughnut, so thanks for that.


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