Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Neighbour Totoro Cross Stitch

Anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Totoro. So when I decided to attempt my first ever cross stitch it had to be a Totoro one. How it's taken me this long to try cross stitching is beyond me - I think in my head I thought it was really complicated, but it turned out to be very simple once I got the hang of it! Here are a few pics of the completed piece...

Couldn't resist snapping a photo with my little Chibli plush which I bought from another seller at an event I was at. He's made from felt and fleece and is so adorable!

 If you want to have a go at your own Totoro cross stitch you can get the pattern I used right here. It is a paid pattern but is only a couple of pounds which I think is a bargain! I followed the pattern except I didn't add the border to mine (mainly because I just wanted to finished it!) I've got a pile of patterns to try now - they are fairly labour intensive, but I really enjoy the process. As the colder weather rolls in I predict a lot of movie nights in with a cross stitch and pumpkin latte.


  1. This is so cute oh my! Amazing for your first go too (well it looks great I mean I know nothing about cross stitching) <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. I've got this pattern sitting in my to do pile!!! I love cross stitch. xxx

  3. Wow you did awesome for your first ever attempt! I've been cross stitching since I was 5, so it's all second nature to me these days. Hope you keep stitching!


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