Friday, 25 September 2015

Crochet Poodle Coffee Pot Cosy

Wanna know why I love Instagram so much? Because of the awesome, talented, and beyond generous folk you meet on there. Like the amazing Sarah from Flo and Dot who, after I commented on a photo of hers on Instagram in which she showed off an insanely kitsch crocheted poodle cosy she had whipped up, asked if I would like a copy of the pattern to test for her!

Obviously I jumped at the chance - mainly because Sarah had designed the poodle cosy to fit her Meakin coffee pot, and not only do I own a Meakin coffee pot, but I have the exact same design as Sarah! It was obviously meant to be. Well, a few days on and I finished my very own poodle coffee pot cosy, thanks to a super clear and easy to follow pattern. The hardest part was deciding what colour to make - I went for this bright blue colour because it matched one of the colours in the design on my coffee pot. But really I want one in every colour possible!

 Here he is with a vintage handmade poodle bottle cover I bought at a car boot sale a few years back - my next mission is to try and make a bottle cover so that when I give friends a bottle of booze it can have a crocheted poodle on it!

 I think I made his nose too big somehow - but I think I will add a little felt triangle onto it to make it look a bit more like a nose and less like some weird growth! Also the eyes I used are too small (I just used ones I had at home, but really he needs bigger ones) so I will replace those eventually. But all in all I am totally smitten and have been browsing eBay for more Meakin coffee pots to house what will almost certainly become a poodle army! I am hoping that Sarah will add this pattern to her Etsy shop in the future because it is amazing.

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