Monday, 10 August 2015

Mim's House Tour part one

A little while ago (is it bad that I can't actually remember when?! My memory is definitely not what it used to be!) myself and Daisy from Make Thrift London went on a day trip to visit the incredible Mim from Made by Mim. Daisy and Mim had been instagram friends for a while beforehand, but I had only recently got to know her, but I knew that she was pretty much the queen of all things vintage.

When we arrived her house was exactly as I'd dreamed - filled with gorgeous vintage and handmade pieces, all arranged in the most incredible little vignettes. I think we wandered around for a good hour with out mouths wide open, taking it all in! Mim, being the absolute sweetie that she is, agreed I could take and share some photos of her gorgeous home with you all. I took so many photos that the house tour will be spread over three posts...

 The first room we visited was Mim's guest bedroom. I adore the floral patterned wallpaper statement wall in here, and the beautiful mint green wardrobe. Like the whole of the house, this room is so light and airy but still very homey feeling. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of Daisy in the vintage mirror.

Next up was Mim's sewing and crafts room, which is one of two rooms in their attic conversion at the top of the house. It has so much character, with the sloped ceiling and mismatched vintage furniture, and I love that Mim has so many of her craft supplies on display as it creates a space that feels colourful and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed ogling at all of her vintage sewing notions - I'm such a sucker for vintage packaging and typography!

Stay tuned for part two of the house tour coming tomorrow.....


  1. I love nosing around inspiring homes...will pop back for the next installment...thanks! xx

  2. I could quite happily move into Mim's spare bedroom and she has so much lovely stuff to play with in her craft/sewing room😍

  3. o.O


    these rooms are so beautiful & inspiring!! i love all the colors & odds + ends!!! everything is so unique and magical!!!! i can't wait to see the next installment!!

  4. Thank you Zoe, you are welcome back anytime we definitely need to have a crafty day and you can have a good rummage in my sewing room too x


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