Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Little Birdy Ceramic Creatures

So many of you will have seen me mention Little Birdy over on Instagram in the past - run by the incredible Liz who hand sculpts the most adorable creatures and objects from clay before decorating them and prettifying them in her own magical way. Well, at the Bristol Outlaw fair a month or so back (wow, time sure does fly!) I finally had the opportunity to meet the lady behind Little Birdy in person and it was basically the best weekend because of that! Even more so because I now, after probably a year of lusting after them, have two Little Birdy pieces all of my own! It was almost impossible to pick which ones to go for, but I settled on a push me pull you, and a hanging sloth, both decorated in the most gorgeous candy colours.

 I actually spotted the hanging sloth on Liz's Instagram feed the day before the fair, and basically ran to her stall as soon as we were done setting up to make sure no-one else got their hands on him. Also when I realised the colours Liz used on the creatures matched my new crocheted wall hangings I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of them together in all their pastely goodness!

 If you don't already follow Little Birdy then GO DO IT RIGHT NOW! (just a heads up their Instagram handle is @littl_birdy) 7Seriously, how could you not love those little creatures?!

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