Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Make Thrift London Sewing Workshop

You may remember that one of my goals for 2015 was to learn to use my sewing machine (which I was bought as a gift maybe three/four years ago and have used probably twice!) When my lovely friend Daisy of Make Thrift London (@makethriftldn online) invited me to one of her beginner's sewing workshops I absolutely jumped at the chance! We would learn the basics of using a sewing machine, and then use our skills to make a tote bag with a handle, and a little zipped make up pouch!

 The workshop was held at the Petit Miracle hub in the West 12 shopping centre in Sheperds Bush, in a fab little converted garden summer house that had been decorated and kitted out for the occasion. So cute! As I have never really used a sewing machine I was unsure how I'd get on, but Daisy is an incredible teacher, and I was amazed how quickly I picked things up! She started off showing us the basics - filling a bobbin, threading up the machine, changing needles and feet, and explaining what all those random knobs and buttons on the machine do. This is the part that always really confused (ahem, terrified) me, and once I knew my way round a bit better, I felt so much more confident!

 Then, after we practised sewing straight lines and turning corners on scraps of fabric, Daisy showed us how to cut fabric ready to use. She explained about different types of fabrics, and gave us some tricks for cutting patterns correctly! I was awful at this which explains why my pieces came out a bit wonky haha! Daisy had such an awesome stash of vintage fabrics to choose from, and my favourite part (and probably the toughest bit) was picking which fabrics to use for the two projects. I went for a 1960s green and yellow print with Hollie Hobbie type characters on for my tote bag, and then a cute chintzy pink floral fabric for the zipped pouch.

 And below are the final pieces I made in the class! They are far from perfect, but I am so proud that I actually made anything! It was such an awesome class, perfect for anyone wanting to learn to use their sewing machine and get a few projects under your belt to give you a bit of confidence. I'm seriously so chuffed, and will definitely be dusting off my machine and making some more pieces! Also it's the perfect excuse to buy some of the fabric I've had my eye on for years....

All Ladybird Likes readers can get a whopping 15% off any current workshop they book until the end of June! Just enter the promo code LADYBIRD when you checkout. There is a 'Beginners Sewing Workshop' (just like the one I went on) this Sunday which I highly recommend! I am going to be going to one of the 'Follow a Pattern' classes (which is a little more advanced, so perfect if you've done a beginner's class or have some experience already.) My dream is to be able to make my own clothes, so this is the first step there!

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