Friday, 14 November 2014

DIY vintage book photo display

 I am obsessed with photos - taking them, sharing them, printing them, and displaying them. Last weekend me and the mister hit up a couple of photobooths in town (if you're looking for photobooths in London then fear not, I have a post coming in a few weeks sharing some of my favourites!) and I wanted to show them off. These folded book displays aren't something I have invented - I can't even remember where I first saw the idea, but they are so simple to make and look so effective!

 All you do is take a paperback book (you can use a new book, but I find older books have a nicer page colour - more of a creamy brown colour, whereas new books have whiter pages) and fold every page inwards on itself, so the outside edge of the page now is touching the spine inside the book. Repeat on each page and voila! If your book is thin you will end up with a 'half' display (more of a semicircle) whereas if your book is thicker you will end up with a 'full' display that is a full circular shape.

Just slot your photos, business cards, cinema tickets, or whatever else inbetween the pages for an instant fun display. I whipped these up using books I had at home, but I have since visited a local charity shop who gave me a bunch of books they can't sell (they had damaged covers or missing pages) which I'm going to turn into some displays for friends. Hope you like this idea - why not make some as gifts, and send to the recipient along with a few photos?

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